Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flying Pigs Celebrate World Math Day!

Flying Pigs Celebrate World Math Day!

This year we have enjoyed World Math Day in a big way and have participated along with 2 million other students in 200 countries in this very exciting online event! What was it like to participate in World Math Day? What was interesting and exciting about this big event on March 3, 2010?
Think about the day and the practice time you had before March 3, and post your comments.


Jim Keegan said...

I love worlds math day! I love it because it is fun paring up different people from other countries with an incredible battle. It is also fun looking at all of the different countries.

sincerly, Jim

Jay said...

World Math Days rocks! One time I played a girl from China that had about 20 letters in her first name! You can play friends too! Once I even played Hewes Scull without even trying to play him! My high score was 40. It is fun looking at other countries flags.I played two more classmates like Caleb and Matt. All three are very good at math. The time is one minute. That's all.



Caleb said...

World Math Day was Spectacular!!!!! I played a boy from Indonesia he got 60 right!! Why does WMD com once a year? I wish WMD was every day. I played Jay 10 times! Once I saw the number 39645!!!!! It was awesome. Who made WMD?!!!!!!

Hall said...

I love worlds math day because you get to battle other players,and you get to earn more points. The cool part about worlds math day is that you get to dress your player.


Matt said...

It Rules I Am A Humon Callculater! I'v Never Lost

Jack F said...

I love worlds math day! It is awesome!!!

Jack W said...

Man yipes is fun and tiring. Every body did a spectaculer job. Oh ya and Grahm nice coustom Taft suit. Every bodys presidents are awesome.