Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Card Exchange

The 2B boys and I have recently received many fascinating holiday cards made by children from many parts of the United States, Canada, Russia, and Australia. Most of the cards contained wonderful letters written by students in our card exchange group which describe the culture and customs of their towns and cities. We have had fun locating each place on our map! We also sent Flying Pig Holiday cards to the 23 classes in our group, and we enclosed lots of info on Elvis, Memphis, barbeque, PDS, and a link to our Tennessee voice thread!
Click here for the Australia Voice Thread-Holiday Card Exchange to see and hear a clever voice thread from our friends in Hawkesdale, Australia!

Click here to watch a voice thread from our friends in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada! It has lots of info on the 2010 Winter Olympics, too!

Click here to see a voice thread from our friends in cold and snowy Russia!

Click here to see a Google Map of all locations of our Holiday Card Group!

Progressive Story Project

In this voicethread, you will see and hear the results of a month long collaborative project with 2B boys and 4 other schools from the United States and Switzerland. Each class wrote a part of the story together and then created graphics for their portion of the story. These were posted and recorded using voicethread technology. We worked with 2 schools from Pennsylvania, one school from Oakland, California, and a school in Canton Zug, Switzerland.

Thursday, December 10, 2009