Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Here is a Wordle we made about our presidential research for Yipes Stripes Day! Each boy has researched a president and will be making a speech as though it is the opening day of his presidential library.
You can make more wordles by going to our class web site and looking for the Wordle bookmark.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lincoln Voice Thread-Happy Birthday, Abe!

Abraham Lincoln - Our 16th President

We have been reading books about Abraham Lincoln and thinking about his life on the anniversary of his 200th birthday. We even made a voice thread about Abe Lincoln! You can see our voice thread on our blog. Mr. Lincoln's Boys is one of the stories we read which helped us think about the fun times that the Lincoln boys had in the White House!

We also took a data survey of the pennies we have in our classroom. The oldest penny we have was made in 1961 and our newest penny was made in 1998. That is a range of 37 years!

What if Abe Lincoln were to visit the United States today? How has the world changed since he was president in 1861-1865? What would you tell Mr. Lincoln about the world of 2009? What new inventions do we have? Do you think our world of 2009 is better or worse?