Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flying Pigs Celebrate World Math Day!

This year we have enjoyed World Math Day in a big way and have participated along with 1.5 million other students in 200 countries in this very exciting online event! What was it like to participate in World Math Day? What was interesting and exciting about this big event on March 4, 2009?
Think about the day and the practice time you had before March 4, and post your comments.


stuart said...

World math day
World math day is fun .
Worlds math day has fun math problems.
It is challenging.

Liam said...

World Maths Day
World Math Day helps me with my math facts.It is awesome .It helps me with my math speed.You can make your own guy.I have played many people.Love World Math Day!

Call said...

World Maths Day
Today is World Maths Day! I have been practicing all month. I love Worlds Maths Day because you can make an avatar. I love playing my friends me and Garrott have a record going on he is winning 5-3 he is winning. I love playing in tournaments in math groups. I made it to the finals once but I lost to Andrew the score was 49-61. I love World maths Day!

Jack p said...

World math day
I like world math day I am an Almost Einestein. I have played a girl from Egypt and a boy from South America
too and a boy from Kenya. I have also played a guy from Greece.

jonathan said...

Worlds Math Day
I have done 2,720 correct answers in one day.
It is fun to play against each other. I tied with Call 47 47. Call tied me. Worlds Math Day is fun.

Sellers said...

World Math Day!
World Math Day is great because you get to make your person. Also I like to learn facts and that is why I am a human calculator. Also I like it because you get to play people! I love World Math Day! I played a person from Hong Kong.

Ev said...

World Math Day
My high score on World Math Day is 38.
Once I played someone from Uganda!
World Math Day is awesome!

Rodney said...

World Maths Day 09
Today is the World Maths Day 09 fun day.My record is 45. Today there are lots of people playing today. Lots of people have played me and lost.Today their are 44,888 people on. The lowest score I have had is 38. World Maths Day is fun and it helps you get better at math. WORLD MATHS DAY IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hall said...

World Math Day
World math day is fun.You play people. My sister played Sellers and she struck out. I love math ! Its so much fun!!

Speir said...

World Math Day!
World math day is very fun.I'm in almost Einstein.
My record is... oh I don't really know what it is.
I played someone from Germany.
I hope he is not an Nazi. Now I remember, my record
is 28 points. I like world maths day. I can meet people
from different countries.

Jim said...

World Math Day
World Math Day is educational. It's a peace of cake but I don't like cake! People are funky. l learned about Qatar.

Isaiah said...

World maths Day
World maths day is the best online math thinking fun game I've ever played. Whoever made up this game should have fame fortune anything his heart desires.
I I were a million air I would give him all of my money.
Then I would move back with my parents. I love
World math day.

David said...

World math day
I'm an almost Einstine. If you weren't playing I'll teach you. My Brother is trying to get a Plack. A PLack is a trophy that you get. You have to get 4,000 questions corrrect. My bother is past half way.My dad has been to Singapore. New Zealand is a state that I've played people from. I have 1,812 I'm going to pay my brother 10$ if he gets a Plack.

Ben said...

World Math Day!
World Math Day is the best! The cool thing is you can play people from a country that you didn't even know exist! You can make yourself have blue skin! I've played someone from America, Brazil,Ecuador,,Japan,Australia,Indonesia,Jordan, Luxemburg,Kuwait,United kingdom, and Canada.

wesley said...

Worlds Math Day
Worlds math day is not about winning. It is about having fun and getting better and faster at math. I love
making my person.

Kevin said...

World Maths Day!
World Maths Day was awesome! I played people from Denmark,Qatar,United Kingdom,United States,Canada,Germany,India,Hong Kong,Sweden,Thailand,Italy, and Pakistan.I think it is SO fun! I like it when I get a tough match. My guy is all black.He is cool.I love World Maths Day.